Karinj is one of the modest but colorful settlements of Debed Canyon. The village is located on the right bank of the Marts river, on the eastern side of the Tumanyan town, and on the 30th km of the Vanadzor-Alaverdi interstate highway. There is a chapel built in the style of the 10th century in [...]


In the north-eastern part of the Lori Region, 23 km away from the regional center Vanadzor, there is a community known to many as Ghmshkut (now Yeghegnut). The history of the village is connected with a priest named Poghos, who moved to Yeghegnut with some families in 1856 and built a church and several dwellings. [...]


The Chkalov settlement is one of Debed Canyon’s most picturesque and undiscovered villages. It is located 23 km northeast of the provincial center Vanadzor, on the right side of  Dsegh village. Chkalov, being located on a high plateau, provides everyone with an opportunity to enjoy the spectacular view of Koshakar mountain as well as the [...]