One of the magnificent and colorful communities of Debed canyon is the village of Marts. It is located on the bank of the homonymous river- Marts, near the village of Karinj.

The half-ruined “Surb Nshan” church is located in the central part of Marts. While passing around the village you will enjoy the beautiful samples of cross-stones(khachkars). In particular, there are 5 khachkars with inscriptions on them in the so-called “Tshgnavor” meadow, which means Hermit in Armenian. These khachkars are all lined up and the most prominent of them is the  Holy Saviour type khachkar, dating back to the 13th century.

The “Igatak” meadow, where the “Holy Sunday” chapel (made of rough stones) is preserved, is 5 km northeast of the village.

Even though there are no tourist infrastructures in the village, it has all the prerequisites to develop ecotourism. Inspired by the nature of Marts, notable Armenian painter Panos Terlemezyan painted “The bank of the Martz river” – one of his most famous artworks.

What's Nearby

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