When talking about the communities of Debed Canyon, one can not remain indifferent about Vahagni village. One of the reasons is its unique geographical features.

 Vahagni is located only 21 km away from the central city of Vanadzor. The village has changed its name multiple times in the past. One of them is “Shahali”, which still can be heard really often in this area. 

Many famous people were born in Vahagni, but Anton Kochinyan stands out from them, who was the first secretary of The CPA (Communist Party of Armenia) Central Committee in 1966-1974, who was in fact the leader of Armenia at that time.

In the village’s inner part, there is a homonymous river, flowing and joining the Pambak River.  The village is precisely divided into two totally different parts. There is a canyon on one and a dense forest on the other side.  

Among the wonderful landscapes, there is a small waterfall called “Trchkan” which became one of the most favorite places among the visitors. Even the poor condition of the road does not impede the flow to the village.

Khachkars of 12-13 centuries can be seen in Vahagni․ St. Sargis church, dating back to the 19th century is located in the middle of the village.

In a nutshell, Vahagni is a wonderful place for people looking for travel challenges, where ethereal nature and unique rural life meet.

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