In the north-eastern part of the Lori Region, 23 km away from the regional center Vanadzor, there is a community known to many as Ghmshkut (now Yeghegnut). The history of the village is connected with a priest named Poghos, who moved to Yeghegnut with some families in 1856 and built a church and several dwellings. The root of the community name is “the reed”, which can be found only in the mountains. 

Yeghegnut lies close to the villages of Vahagni and Debet, which may be reached by walking along a recently marked trail, passing through deep forests, and enjoying the wonderful panorama. The village is also near the railway and Vanadzor-Alaverdi highway.

Yeghegnut is not a small village (800-900 inhabitants), but there is only one basic school. On three sides, it is surrounded by berry-rich forests. In the western part of Yeghegnut, the Pambak River flows. The population of the community is mainly engaged in the production of potatoes, cabbage, and other vegetables, but cattle breeding is the main source of income for the locals. Milk, meat, wool, eggs are produced. The progress of beekeeping has been noticeable in recent years.

The village is very rich in historical and cultural structures. Various antiquities and settlements are discovered. There are 22 khachkars(cross-stones) and 10 cemeteries. 2-3 km north of the village is St. Sunday Chapel (18-19th centuries), “Berdak” fortress (3rd millennium BC), “Winged cross” and “St. Sargis” khachkars. A monument honoring World War II victims may be found at the beginning of the village, on the left side of the road.

The wonder of Lori, the Debed River, begins its journey from the heights near Yeghegnut and flows through deep and mysterious valleys.

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