Karinj is one of the modest but colorful settlements of Debed Canyon. The village is located on the right bank of the Marts river, on the eastern side of the Tumanyan town, and on the 30th km of the Vanadzor-Alaverdi interstate highway. There is a chapel built in the style of the 10th century in the village, which proves that there was a certain number of people living there during that period. The inhabitants of Karinj are originally from Marts, a neighboring village. The story reveals that there have been arguments about the population in Martz and adjacent areas since ancient times.

Karinj is now located in the administrative territory of the Tumanyan enlarged community, which also includes Tumanyan town, Marts, Ahnidzor, Lorut, Atan, Shamut settlements. People in the village are mainly engaged in cattle breeding and the cultivation of some crops.

The administrative area of the village is bordered by Debed Canyon on one side and Marts gorge on the other, which gives a unique beauty to the community when viewed from afar. Besides, the upper part of the village is almost completely covered with forests.

Karinj is an ideal place for hiking lovers. A wonderful hiking trail leads from here to Tumanyan town. Likewise, there is a trail that leads down to the Martz River’s bank, where it joins the newly developed one going up to Dsegh. There is also a trail leading to the neighboring Marts.

Karinj lacks enough tourism infrastructure, but it has a lot of potentials, particularly in the field of ecotourism.

What's Nearby

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