The Chkalov settlement is one of Debed Canyon’s most picturesque and undiscovered villages. It is located 23 km northeast of the provincial center Vanadzor, on the right side of  Dsegh village. Chkalov, being located on a high plateau, provides everyone with an opportunity to enjoy the spectacular view of Koshakar mountain as well as the magnificent forests and gorges that surround it. Since 1939, the village has been named “Chkalov,” after the Soviet Union’s hero, pilot Valery Chkalov.

Wonderful hiking trails lead from Chkalov to the Dsegh and Debed(from the northern part) villages just through the forest. Although, the roads aren’t appropriately equipped and marked with hiking signs yet.

There is a functioning church in the center of the village. Cattle breeding and beekeeping are the primary occupations in this small settlement.

In the vicinity of the village, there are several relics of buildings and khachkars(cross-stones), indicating that Chkalov was formerly inhabited. 

What's Nearby

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