Quirky little museum with thousands of matchbox labels on display. You’ll find many national costumes and town seals, public education labels, space images, and of course match themes. Great place to stop by for 20 minutes and have a new experience.
The oldest piece is the English matchbox label dating back to 1920.  There are labels with the portraits of famous people.  Of special interest are the series of matchboxes with a Russian poet Alexander Pushkin’s drawings. Back in the old days, people used to play domino or do puzzles with matchboxes. There were number of labels on cosmonautics both, in Soviet Union and in European countries.
Countries have been presenting their achievements in sport, culture, their traditions, towns, diversity of flora and fauna through matchbox labels.  There are special series, presenting the history of aeromodelling, ranging from the very simple air vehicles to modern airplanes.
There are series where the “adventures” of a safety match are illustrated. There is a unique French collection, where the labels are drawn by children.
The matchboxes are a true reflection of a given period, country. So, if you are more or less familiar with the culture, history, dominant social paradigms and traditions of this or that country, then you will immediately distinguish the country where the matchbox comes from.

Operating hours:
Tue-Sat: 2 pm – 6 pm
Mon: Closed

Quick Info

Tumanyan 6, 2nd street
+374 94 57 23 34
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