Tumanyan Matchbox Label Museum

Quirky little museum with thousands of matchbox labels on display. You’ll find many national costumes and town seals, public education labels, space images, and of course match themes. Great place to stop by for 20 minutes and have a new experience. The oldest piece is the English matchbox label dating back to 1920.  There are [...]

Museum of Local Lore of Lori Pambak

Learn about the history and culture of Vanadzor and the entire province of Lori at the Museum of Local Lore of Lori-Pambak located in the city of Vanadzor. Founded in 1938, the museum’s collection includes over 34000 archaeological and ethnographic artifacts, such as handicrafts, carpets and rugs, silver jewelry, weapons, ceramics, etc. The exhibition takes [...]

Alaverdi Art Gallery

Located in the town of Alaverdi, the Alaverdi Art Gallery was founded in 1987 as a branch of the National Gallery of Armenia. The gallery displays artworks by prominent Armenian artists, such as Seiran Khatlamajyan, Arpenik Nalbandyan, Lusik Aguletsi, Ruben Shahverdyan, and other contemporary artists. Alaverdi Art Gallery is an active cultural and educational hub [...]