Inspired by the legacy of master storyteller and humanist, Hovhannes Tumanyan, and set in the iconic Debed Canyon where so many of his stories are based, this inaugural festival is to be the beginning of a new tradition – deeply rooted in place + history, with a vibrant, open, forward-looking edge and to re-ignite the cultural heritage and tradition of storytelling. Among the very mountains and canyons that inspired Hovhannes Tumanyan, will be celebrated all kinds of storytelling – traditional and modern, written, spoken, musical and visual.

By taking part in this inaugural event, you will help shape the culture of the festival and become a part of its origin story. In the spirit of firsts, our theme for this year’s festival is: Beginnings.
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Quick Info

Tumanyan community
September 2-4
Entrance fee
Multiple days

What's Nearby

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Kobayr monastery (2.5 km)
Bardzrakash St. Gregory monastery (3 km on foot)
Hovhannes Tumanyan House-Museum (18.5 km)
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