Tsover Lake

One of the gems of Lori- Lake “Tsover”, is carefully hidden among the calm mountains and emerald forests. Located 3 km south-east of Dsegh village, this natural monument, with its magical harmony, ethereal elegance, tranquility, and simplicity, will attract all those who prefer to get away from the city noise and find a serene, comfortable, [...]

Sirun Khach Cross-Stone

Dsegh is one of the tourism resource-rich settlements of Debed canyon. “Sirun Khach” (the "Beautiful Cross" cross-stone built in the 13th century), is a wonderful combination of nature, everyday human labor, and culture located in Dsegh. It is on the right side of the trail leading to Bardzrakash monastery- just 500 meters away, at the [...]

Ardvi Monastery

With its inherent purity, simplicity, and at the same time mystery, Debed canyon is a unique place to be cut off from the world to sanctify and purify the human soul and mind. Noteworthy is the village of Ardvi surviving with its simple lifestyle in the wonderful nature of Lori, as well as St. Hovhannes [...]