Sanahin Monastery

Described as an outstanding example of Armenian medieval religious architecture, the 10th-century monastic complex of Sanahin is located in the village of the same name just above the city of Alaverdi. It is believed that the site was a center of worship from as early as the 4th century. But the oldest church of the [...]

Kayan Fortress

An important bastion protecting the monastery of Haghpat and the surrounding villages, the Kayan Fortress (known as Kayanberd, or Aknaberd) is situated on a sheer cliff between the villages of Akner and Haghpat, rising high above the Debed canyon. The deep gorges on the three sides of the cliff provide natural protection to the Kayan [...]

Haghpat Monastery

A masterpiece of Armenian religious architecture, the UNESCO World Heritage site Haghpat monastery represents a unique fusion of traditional architecture of the region and the ecclesiastical architecture of the Byzantine Empire. The monastery was founded in 976 AD by King Ashot the Merciful and his wife Queen Khosrovanush who commissioned the construction of the oldest [...]