Dsegh is one of the tourism resource-rich settlements of Debed canyon. “Sirun Khach” (the “Beautiful Cross” cross-stone built in the 13th century), is a wonderful combination of nature, everyday human labor, and culture located in Dsegh. It is on the right side of the trail leading to Bardzrakash monastery- just 500 meters away, at the top of the gorge. It was erected to serve as a memorial. Locals gave the khachkar this name (“Sirun Khach”) to reflect its exceptional beauty. 

Sirun Khach is regarded as one of the masterpieces of 13th-century Armenian khachkar craftsmanship. The exact date of construction of the khachkar is unknown, however, the inscription on the khachkar reveals that it was built during the reign of Mamikon and his son Vardan.

The khachkar was presented at the Paris Exhibition in 1969, where it was awarded the second prize. It was during this relocation that one of the horizontal pillars of the khachkar was damaged. There are inscriptions on it that can provide insight into the notable persons and authorities of the time period.

Sirun Khach has become a popular tourist attraction in recent years.

Quick Info

Religious site
When to go
April - November
31.4 km (from Vanadzor)
How to reach
On foot
Surb Grigor Bardzrakash Monastery

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