The Amenaprkich (All-Savior) or Khachelutyun (Crucifixion) khachkar is located in the cemetery dating back to the VII-XIII centuries, in the center of Dsegh village, 200 m south-west from the village square. The ruins of a tiny church built in 654 can also be seen here. 

This khachkar is a unique sample built by Mamikonians in 1281. Structurally it has similarities with the homonymous khachkar of Marts.   

It depicts Jesus Christ and the scene of his crucifixion is quite detailed. There is also an inscription on both khachkar and its pedestal which is to describe the symbolism of the engraving and the purpose of its construction. The statue of Jesus is carved on the façade of khachkar. With His right hand, he makes the Sign of the Cross and holds a ribbon or an open parchment on the left.  Four simple crosses are inner carved at the top of the pedestal with the inscription underneath. It elucidates that the khachkar was erected in 1281 by Khalli’s son Teruni and his brothers, in memory of Grigor, who is most probably Grigor Mamikonyan. The name of the sculptor of the khachkar – Varham – is written on the north side of the pedestal.

Quick Info

Religious site
When to go
April - November
30 km (from Vanadzor)
How to reach
By car
Bardzrakash Monastery

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