Theatrical Lori festival, theater weeks with the active participation of amateur folk theater troupes from different towns and villages of Armenia, was founded in 1979 in the village of Akner. In 1981, the festival moved to the city of Alaverdi where it received the name “Theatrical Lori.”

The festival’s original goal was to unite theater professionals and amateurs living in the provinces and regions of Armenia and other Soviet states. Rapidly growing in the subsequent years, soon it became an all-Union event.

Today, Theatrical Lori is an international festival, bringing together theater troupes from Russia, Georgia, France, China, Japan, and other countries. The festival takes place once every two years, with performances in the cities of Vanadzor, Alaverdi, Spitak, and Stepanavan.

Note: Images taken from the festival’s Facebook page.

Quick Info

Vanadzor, Alaverdi
Entrance fee
Multiple days