The village of Tsater is located on the left bank of the most alluring corner of Debed Canyon. It is 37 km away from Vanadzor, 11 km away from Alaverdi. Located on the left bank of the Debed River this charming village has a direct view of the village of Dsegh. But the gorge “interferes in their neighborliness”. Agriculture and farming is the main occupation and the major source of revenue for the inhabitants of Tsater. There is a primary school, a House of Culture, a library, as well a Village History Museum. There are many historical facts about Tsater revealing both the origin of the name and the development of the village. Situated in a cozy corner of nature, with its two prominent historical and cultural monuments, the village becomes a tempting spotlight for visitors desiring to explore this place.

Particularly appealing is the “Tshgnavor(Hermit) Monastery” located about 1 km away from the village, underneath the cliff of the gorge. To reach there you must use the narrow path, which is quite attractive for hiking lovers. The monastery was built in the 1st-12th centuries, with raw stone, which makes the scene mysterious by merging the monastery with the wild nature of the area. 

In the center of the village, there is another church, “Surb Astvatsatsin” (called also St. Nshan), the construction of which is attributed to the 12-13th centuries. On the north side of the church is the bell tower, which was used as a transformer station during the Soviet era.

Tsater welcomes every visitor with its warm hospitality and provides an opportunity to organize an overnight stay. “Tsater” guesthouse is there to serve and please everyone with not only convenient overnight accommodations and eco-breakfast, but also to provide extra meals on request.

What's Nearby

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