Tsover Lake

One of the gems of Lori- Lake “Tsover”, is carefully hidden among the calm mountains and emerald forests. Located 3 km south-east of Dsegh village, this natural monument, with its magical harmony, ethereal elegance, tranquility, and simplicity, will attract all those who prefer to get away from the city noise and find a serene, comfortable, unique corner in the lap of nature. It got its name in honor of a young girl-named Tsover, whose fate is connected with this place.

The length of the lake is 250 meters, the width is 200 meters at its widest point, the maximum depth is 4.5 meters.

We can confidently include “Tsover” in the list of historical and cultural monuments, as the famous Armenian poet Hovhannes Tumanyan was always referring to this ornament of nature with special care. It was one of Tumanyan’s favorite places, he often came here with his prominent friends.

The favorable geographical location of Lake Tsover and the well-established transport infrastructure makes it accessible to all seasons of the year, providing an opportunity to enjoy the incredibly charming and colorful nature of Lori reflected in a small lake.

Almost any kind of vehicle, as well as hiking trails, can be used to visit “Tsover”. Here you can also arrange a camping vacation and admire the starry nights. It may also become a perfect place for the photographers to satisfy their creativity, inspired by the breathtaking panoramic views.

Quick Info

When to go
April - November
33.5 km (from Vanadzor)
How to reach
On foot or by car
Dsegh Nature Visitor Center

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