Ecotourism is rapidly developing in Armenia in recent years, and Lori province is no exception. Especially popular among young people, ecotourism aims to protect natural and cultural sites, as well as raise awareness and improve the ecological education of the local population in the towns and villages around the country. The canyon of Debed, with its serene valleys, vast plateaus, lush forests and wild mountains, is the perfect destination for ecotourism. And since camping is legal in Armenia, those who prefer tents over the comfort of hotel rooms can easily pitch their tents at a desired location and camp in the Debed canyon.

As more and more independent travelers visit the canyon, tourism infrastructure in the area grows, and today there are several camping sites available in the towns and villages around the Debed canyon.

Tourism Unique Center, or simply TUC camping base, in the village of Dsegh is one such place. The fenced camp base has a kitchen, a storage room, two bathrooms, and a shower. Apart from camping, TUC also offers tent and sleeping bag rental, bicycle rental, safe parking for cars and bicycles, biking and hiking tours in and around the Dsegh village, yoga and other activities. You can contact them via their Facebook page or call +374 91 643317.

“Kanchaqar” is another camping site in the Debed canyon. Located in the village of Haghpat, the campzone is a pleasant place for all fans of camping, active leisure and nature. Campers have access to bathrooms, hot showers, and cooking equipment. The area is fenced and illuminated at night. You can contact them via their Facebook page, or call +374 91 604082.

What to see in Debed canyon

Haghpat monastery
Kayanberd Fortress
Tsover Lake
Kobayr monastery
Sanahin monastery
Mikoyan Brothers museum
House of Fairy Tale in Pambak