In the immediate vicinity of Vanadzor, the regional center of Lori, at a distance of 9 kilometers, there is a cozy corner, known as the village of Pambak. Being located on the bank of the Pambak river, right in the lap of picturesque forests, it honors everyone with an opportunity to enjoy the wonder of Debed Canyon in any season of the year. Winters are relatively mild, and the summers are cool here.

The village was founded in 1895 during the construction of the Georgia-Gharakilisa railway. While there are historical references to this area, which were displaced in the 1600s.

The uniqueness of the village is due to the abundance of unparalleled landscapes that open up from the surrounding areas. The panoramic view of the streams falling from the side mountains of the village, as well as the “Bndzor” tributary, rushing from the opposite mountain to meet the Pambak river, will carry everyone away. The forest glades, hills, and natural springs are an integral part of Pambak.

Pambak railway station, which was inaugurated on January 25, 1899, is located here.

At a distance of 2-3 km from the village, there are a number of khachkars and a chapel attributed to the 12-18th centuries.

Many who favor ecotourism would be drawn to the village, but unfortunately, it would be a little challenging for those who enjoy the active entertainment, however, the “House of Fairy Tale“, which stands out for its creative conceptual approach, deserves special attention. Performances based on folk tales are regularly staged here. You are also given an opportunity to overnight and taste the local dishes, get acquainted with the culture and traditions of Lori, as well as enjoy the drinks made from local fruits.

Arega guesthouse is also located in Pambak.

What's Nearby

House of Fairy Tale
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Visitor Center by COAF (15.5 km)
Kobayr monastery (26.1 km)
Hovhannes Tumanyan House-Museum (22.6 km)