Ardvi community has had its unique place on the tourist map of Lori region for a long time. This village, located 58 km from the regional center Vanadzor and 19 km from Alaverdi, is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

One of the main reasons is that several famous tourist attractions are located there.

The chief bishop and spiritual leader of Armenia’s national church, the theologian, writer Hovhan Odznetsi is buried there. Odzneci was considered to be one of the most outstanding thinkers of his time. From the 7th century, the monastery of St. Hovhannes (in historical sources known as Srbanes) was built near his grave. By the way, a famous avant-garde film by Sergei Parajanov “The Color of the Pomegranates” was shot there.

The Red Monastery, Saint Harutyun Chapel, and the Holy Sunday Chapel dated back to the 10th-11th centuries are also located in Ardvi.

Numerous pre-Christian and early Christian monuments are found in different parts of the village, many samples of ancient khachkars prove that the village was inhabited a long time ago. 

The most famous place in Ardvi is “Odzi Port” (Snake’s Navel). There are some well-known legends related to this place, which deserve a separate blog post in the near future. 

By visiting Ardvi you can get acquainted with the Armenian cultural heritage of the Middle Ages, beautiful legends, and finally, enjoy the stunning landscapes that open up from there․

What's Nearby

Ardvi Monastery
Odzun Church (6.6 km)
Horomayr Monastery (4.6 km)
Arevatsag Gorge (10.9 km)
Sanahin Bridge (17 km)
Hnevank Monastery (13.5 km)