Looking for a healthy dose of adrenalin? Then you should definitely try rafting on the Debed River. Even though rafting was only recently introduced to the tourism market of Armenia, this extreme recreational outdoor activity during which a group of people navigates a river using an inflatable raft has already become very popular among locals.

Debed canyon is the best destination for rafting in Armenia, so if you’re in the region, don’t miss your chance to row through the rapid streams of the Debed River and enjoy the scenic views of the canyon.

Today, there are two companies – Rafting in Armenia and Rafting.am – that organize rafting tours in the Debed canyon, and they offer two different routes.

Rafting in Armenia starts its tour near the town of Tumanyan. The route is 10 kms and includes a couple of stops. During one of such stops the participants have a chance to jump into the river from an old bridge or slide on the back of a raft.

Rafting.am, an initiative implemented within the UNDP’s “Integrated Rural Tourism Development” project, offers a different route for rafting, which includes the section of the Debed river between Alaverdi and Akhtala.

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