Horseback riding tours are another great way to explore the mesmerizing Debed canyon. The tours take travelers on a journey lasting anywhere between 2 hours and 2 days along the hidden paths and trails of the canyon and are adjusted to the participants’ experience. All beginners start with a half-hour training and introduction, touring along easier trails, while the more experienced travelers ride along the highland trails well-suited for galloping. Relatively difficult are the trails that run through forested canyons, and while these tours require a higher level of experience, travelers get a chance to visit remote villages and historical or cultural monuments hidden in the forests.

You can request a horseback riding tour with Lori Canyon Trails in the city of Alaverdi or Vrezh Shekoyan in the village of Dsegh. These are some of the services they offer: training and introduction to horseback riding, horse riding tours on historical trails, horse riding tours in the mountains and meadows, etc.

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