Akner is located on the right bank of Debed River, 10 km away from Alaverdi. This village is in a perfect natural environment, with fascinating customs and an interesting version of history. From the edge of the village, a breathtaking view of Debed Canyon opens up. A variety of natural, pure springs, which were of great importance for the locals, flow from the village’s upper reaches – the forests.

A stone church, built in the first half of the 19th century, stands in the central part of the village. There are a variety of other sights in Akner that amaze us as well. When visiting Haghpat, one of the most well-known tourist destinations, keep an eye out for Kayan Fortress, situated in the northern part of Akner settlement on the right side of the rock. It was once one of the region’s most powerful fortresses. Dsevank is located in the southern part of Kayan Fortress.The water of Dsevank passes through the village of Akner, via an underground stone pipeline.

According to legend, during the siege of Kayanaberd by the Lezgins, it was not possible to overcome the resistance of the locals. Only, after learning the source of the spring entering the fortress from an elderly woman of a neighboring village, the enemy locks it; the fortress’s inhabitants being left without water, were forced to surrender. As a result, the village was given the name Vornak, which¬† is interpreted as “Where is Ak” (where is the source)? Only in the 1930s was this name changed to Akner.

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